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Termination of the Telecom subscription : Tesco Mobile

How do I cancel my Tesco Mobile subscription?

Cancellation of your Tesco Mobile subscription should be done via a cancellation letter with acknowledgement of receipt sent directly to the Tesco Mobile customer service department. The acknowledgement of receipt will serve as proof if Tesco Mobile decides to contest your cancellation request.

Your Tesco Mobile cancellation letter can be quickly obtained by selecting the Tesco Mobile service you wish to cancel and providing your subscription details. The experts at Easyletters will send your cancellation letter to you by email!

How do I activate my Tesco Mobile phone?

Once your phone is provided by Tesco Mobile services, you can call any number to activate it. Then it is advisable to register your IMEI on the Immobilise site. For any phone provided by Tesco Mobile you will need a Tesco Mobile SIM card to call.

What are the cancellation charges for cancelling a Tesco Mobile subscription?

Each Tesco Mobile contract, whether for mobile phone, TV or internet, contains a commitment period during which you will not be able to cancel your subscription free of charge.

This means that if you decide to cancel your Tesco Mobile subscription during this commitment period, you may be charged a termination fee. To find out the length of your commitment period, you should refer to the Terms and Conditions of your Tesco Mobile subscription.

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