Terms and Conditions (« T&C »)

Terms and Conditions of Use version 1.0 effective as of 25th of March 2020


1.1 The following definitions explain some of the terminology and abbreviations used throughout our Terms and Conditions:

‘Terms/Agreement’ refers to the latest version of this Terms and Conditions document.

‘We/Us/Easyletters’ refers to Azazello Limited, the Platform, and their developers and affiliates.

‘Site’ refers to the website of Easyletters available at easyletters.uk, or any other url which may host Easyletters websites or Services.

‘Services’ refers to the availability of the Content through the Site and other services provided by Easyletters

‘Platform’ refers to the Site and Services collectively.

‘User/You’ refers to any person or legal entity registering for or using our Services.

‘Party/Parties’ refers to either User or Easyletters when used in singular form and to both User and Easyletters when used in plural form.

‘Third-Party’ refers to any application, website, natural or legal entity other than Easyletters, the Platform or their affiliates.

‘Content’ refers to all images, text, audio and video data or any other information located on the Platform or obtained through the Platform.

‘Subscription Period’ refers to the period of time for which your subscription with us is active.

‘Subscription Fee’ refers to the cost of the Subscription for the selected Subscription Period.

‘Effective Date’ refers to the date of processing the payment for the selected subscription.

‘Confidential Information’ refers to any and all information disclosed between the Parties in relation to the Services. Confidential Information does not cover information that was known either party prior to disclosure or information that was made available to the public.